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Professionalism: Its Not the Job you do,
Its How you do the job!

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What is an association?

Associations are organizations that bring together business owners from a specific area. MCCPIN is a Business Association for Licensed Family Childcare Providers in Minnesota.


Why Join The State Association?

  • Engage with a Professional Community Who Cares About YOU!

  • Enhance your network, Broaden your knowledge, Education, and take charge of your small business!

  • Stay Current with Changes

  • Help Advocate For Your Industry 

  • Alignment with Standards of Quality 

  • Position Yourself As a Leader 

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • Demonstrate you are a Professional

Joining a professional association like MCCPIN it shows that you are committed to your industry and are dedicated to continue to grow and learning within your career field.
                                       Let's Work Together, Join MCCPIN Today!

If you have questions about membership please email
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