Lions Clubs of Minnesota are pleased to announce that
Lions KidSight USA,
a nationwide program to safeguard the vision of children
aged 6 months through 6 years,
is now up and running in our state.

According to educational experts, 80% of learning is visual.

So if a child can’t see well,he can’t learn well.

Yet even here in Minnesota there are young children who don’t get

their vision screened until they have problems.

Research shows that approximately one out of every 20 children between the ages of 6 months and five years has a serious eye disorder. Unless vision problems are detected early and corrected, they risk becoming permanent by age 7. Yet most children in this age group either never had their vision checked or they’ve been tested with a method that often fails to detect some serious eye problems.


Lions in the USA already screen more than 1 million kids per year through state-wide and local programs often known as “KidSight.” Lions KidSight USA is a nationalcoalition that brings together Lions programs that screen kids from 6 months to 6 years of age in order create a coordinated national program.

Our mission is to ensure eye screening and follow-up care is given to all kids becauseevery child deserves to learn and see the world clearly.

About 7-15% of kids screened will be referred for a follow-up exam by an eye-care

professional. Approximately 5% of all children in this age group will have amblyopia, a

treatable disorder that can result in permanently reduced vision when not addressed by

an early age. The screening devices detect risk factors for amblyopia, such as

strabismus (eyes that cross or wander out), refractive errors and unequal vision

between the two eyes, and potentially even more serious issues such as cataracts and

eye cancer.

Lions Clubs in Minnesota are partnering with child care providers to facilitate a pre-

school vision screening program. There is no cost to the child care Program or the child for this screening.


The local Lions Club will provide the following:


*Vision screening equipment

 *Trained Lions personnel to do the screening

 *A HIPAA-compliant permission form parents or guardians need to sign

*A HIPAA-compliant document detailing screening results that can be shared with

  parents or guardians and eye care professionals.

 *A list of resources/agencies that can help provide follow-up exams and care for

   the medically indigent.

If you would like more information including the Lions contact for this program in your area please email Lion Dennis W. Kelly III at  or visit