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LegalShield - Member Benefit
Cyndi Cunningham
Cyndi's Daycare
LegalShield Associate
373 Idaho Ave W.
St. Paul, MN 55117

Advice on any legal issue and ID protection.  LegalShield gives you the power to talk to an attorney about any legal issue, including your child care business.  This isn’t a 30 minute ‘consult’ or a lawyer list but rather a legal firm in Mpls for ongoing advice.  Lean on a lawyer with factual power specific to your situation, rather than on word of mouth from friends, family and other providers experiences.

Personal areas such as Estate planning (power of attorney, will, health care directive), city/county challenges, contracts such as mortgages, cell phones, contractor work on home.

Your business questions are covered including:  Licensing rules/laws and correction orders, contracts, collections.

ID Shield gives you continuous credit/ID monitoring and recovery of ID and credit status by experts!

Members of MCCPIN enjoy a slight discount which given the low monthly fees can up to enough savings to purchase the Home Business coverage or consider an almost 2/3 month savings for the year.

Call or email Cyndi Cunningham with Questions:  651-470-4857,

Use the MCCPIN dedicated LegalShield link to research and sign up!

Here is the link.   

Click on "signing up".

Then choose the plan and continue through.

Call Cyndi if you run into problems.

If you want additional business coverage that comes after the first steps click here.  

American Income Life - Member Benefit
$3,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy    
Receive a Health Services Discount Card that provides household discounts up to 60%on prescriptions, hearing care, vision care/products, and chiropractic care.  Please note that MCCPIN has requested the form change to state it is a MCCPIN benefit.  Please make AIL aware of this when applying. 
Crowell Tax Services 

Discounted Course: Tackle a Year's Worth of Receipts at a discounted rate of $10 (includes explanation of determining what expenses are deductible for family childcare providers as well as a bunch of free tools, resources, and expense trackers (spreadsheet and printable formats). $40 value.


Tax Preparation Electronic copy: For those that utilize our tax preparation services, they will receive a free electronic copy of their tax returns and supporting documentation saved on a thumb drive, in PDF format. $20 value.


Monthly Bookkeeping Program 1st month discount: Half off your first month when you register for our monthly bookkeeping program. $17.50 instead of $35. $17.50 value

Crowell Tax and Business Services, LLC



612 North Sverdrup Avenue

Jackson, MN 56143