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Training options and Covid links

Active Supervision training requirement: expansion of course options

Enacted in 2021, there are now aprox. 42 (and growing!) training options which are not limited to the title including Active!!! Implementation Plan for 2021 Legislative Changes Implementation Plan for 2021 Legislative Changes ( (page 8)

SUIDS/AHT Training Update: The historical wording in this training has stated that FCCs will be automatically given a fine is being removed! It is updated on the Eager-to-Learn trainings and is being updated for all in-person trainings. A fine is not to be automatically implemented! Correction Orders, however, are automatically issued when there is a safe sleep violation. A provider can ask for reconsideration; follow all directions including returning the CO in a timely manner.

Please review your practices regarding safe sleep! These are preventable Correction Orders.


Wading Pools & other challenges: There has been confusion in some areas of the state regarding what legally constitutes a ‘wading pool’. There has not been communication by DHS/State to all providers. MCCPIN has been working to get clarity & communication, but nothing is clear, yet. If you received a Correction Order, you have the right to ask for reconsideration on any Correction Order you are issued. If you do not agree with the Correction Order and you do not ask for reconsideration, you are essentially agreeing to the accusation. Always ask a licensor: can you please show me where this is in statute? Questions on this challenge or the reconsideration process contact Cyndi at, or 651-470-4857

COVID – 19 and on it goes!

  • Resources: Licensing COVID-19 / Minnesota Department of Human Services (

  • Licensing requirements: Change to COVID-19 Related Licensing Requirements (

*Isolate (exclude) positive case; 10 days isolated & symptoms improve/gone or 5 days isolate + 5 days strict masking or 10 days

*Notify clients exposed (this promotes testing and watching for symptoms)

*Notify MDH of positive case in care Web Submission Form (

  • Quarantine (what to do with those exposed): Each program makes this determination. There is no longer a requirement to exclude or close due to exposure.

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