Resources for the Professional Child Care Providers

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Child to adult ratios for licensed family child care homes.  Rule 2

Each Child Care Aware District posts the rate survey for their respective Counties.  

West Metro and East Metro District  

Each Child Care Aware District posts the rate survey for their respective Counties.  

Northeastern District 

Each Child Care Aware District posts the rate survey for their respective Counties.  

Northwestern District

Each Child Care Aware District posts the rate survey for their respective Counties.  

West Central District

Each Child Care Aware District posts the rate survey for their respective Counties.  

Southern District

List of the four agencies offering the Child and Adult Care Food Program in Minnesota. This is a federal reimbursement program just as school lunches are in many schools. Monitors visit three times each year and provide training and resources. All sponsors pay the same reimbursement rates. Providers can switch food programs October 1st or join for the first time at any time of the year. 

A listing of curriculum available for purchase.

The Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs) are Minnesota’s early learning standards. Revised and expanded in 2016, these standars are a framework for a common set of devlopmentally appropriate expectations for cildren ages birth to kindergarten, within a context of shared responsiblity for helping children meet these expectations.  The ECIPs are aligned to the Minnesota Kindergarten Academic Standards.  

Fire extinguishers need to be checked and tagged annually.  Click on the picture for more information.

Grant timelines.

See your District Child Care Aware for the grant application and specifics.

Service Development Grants: August/September- September/October (application time)

T.E.A.C.H. - Assistance to work on a degree

R.E.E.T.A.I.N. Bonuses  -  Family child care providers: Applications are accepted October 1 through November 30 each year. 

Parent Aware  - Cohorts every 6 months

Access to an on-line resource book which defines how to identify and treat infectious diseases and health issues in a child care setting. Excellent resource.  Not available in hard copy but available on-line.

The Knowledge and Competency Framework for Early Childhood Professionals: Working with Infants and Toddlers outlines standards, or expectations, regarding what people educating and caring for young children need to know. It also describes competencies which define the demonstration of specific skills needed. Educators demonstrate competencies in a variety of ways. The document is intended to be used in two primary ways: 1) by those developing learning objectives for educational opportunities including educational programs, technical assistance and training; 2) it is intended to be used by people working with young children as they assess their own skills and work to improve them.

A listing of agencies that sell child care liability insurance in Minnesota

MACCP has a non-profit status as a 501C(4), which allows more lobbying and advocacy work at the Capitol. This status allows MACCP to focus the majority of resources directly on advocating for policy changes. MACCP is an organization of licensed family child care providers working to support the family child care profession. 

The Parent Aware Program is administered through Child Care Aware of MN.  The program consists of training to achieve a one through four star rating.  Relationship-Based Profesional Development Coaches in the Child Care Aware districts work with center and famly child care providers in achieving the rating.  New Criteria is established in 2017.

Here is the link in Parent Aware for programs to update their information and openings that parents see when they do a search for child care.  Click on "profile" and update.  This is the site where providers put in their business updates once a year.

Parents site for searching for child care.   Parents can also check with the local Family Child Care Association in their County or Region of the state.

Tom Copeland is a nationally known attorney, speaker and author in the area of family child care business practices. Tom's articles can be found on the National Association for Family Child Care web site ( where Tom does monthly webinars for NAFCC on a variety of business topics. 

A Guide to FCC Providers Facing CACFP Serious Deficiency Allegations - New 2019

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This booklet written by Tom Copeland is a guide for family child care providers facing serious deficiency allegations.

A chart which shows both the heat index and the cold index for Minnesota.  

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