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Frontline Worker Pay and Family Child Care Information!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Such confusion and frustration.

MCCPIN has been deeply involved in attempting to rectify this technical issue and has been in conversation with the Deputy Commissioner of DEED, who is overseeing the program.

Employees only! Employees receive W2's.

As of this point in time, all sole proprietors and contractors

are not included in the Frontline Worker Pay.

Sadly, that includes most of Licensed Family Child Care providers.

Sole Proprietor/self-employed typically do not receive W2's

but use Schedule C . It appears that there will not be a special session which could have included a fix to this situation.

Can you apply?

You can attempt an application, but you MUST answer truthfully/accurately, or risk being denied or receiving backlash from the state. The state will be verifying applications through tax and other information systems and denying those who don't qualify. Auditing methods will search for wrongly distributed payments and funding will be retrieved through tax filing methods.

If you have applied under incorrect information or understanding, you can withdraw your application.

Main Page: Minnesota Frontline Worker Pay Program Submission Manager ( To read details scroll down to find your language choice.

#9 clarifies sole proprietor (an employee will have received a W2, a sole proprietor/contract will not)


Utilize the help email and phone line: (they will not answer your employment status), (866) 333-7633

You can also contact Cyndi: 651-470-4857, or

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